Pakistan attacks on terrorist hideouts in Iran


The Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) said that Pakistan carried out effective strikes against hideouts inside Iran used by terrorists, responsible for recent attacks in Pakistan.  

In a statement issued today (Thursday, January 19), the ISPR said that the precision strikes were carried out using killer drones, rockets, loitering munitions, and stand-off weapons. Maximum care was taken to avoid collateral damage. In an intelligence-based operation known as “Marg Bar Sarmachar,” terrorist groups, the Balochistan Liberation Army and the Balochistan Liberation Front, were effectively forced from their hideouts.

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The ISPR further stated that the targeted hideouts were being used by notorious terrorists including Dosta alias Chairman, Bajjar alias Soghat, Sahil alias Shafaq, Asghar alias Basham, and Wazir alias Wazi, amongst others. Pakistan Armed Forces remain in a perpetual state of readiness to ensure the safety of Pakistani citizens against acts of terrorism.

We are resolute in our efforts to guarantee Pakistan’s sovereignty and territorial integrity are upheld and protected from any mishap. We repeat that, with the help of the Pakistani people, we will vanquish all of our adversaries. Going forward, it is thought wise to resolve bilateral concerns between the two neighboring, friendly countries through communication and cooperation.