Pakistan not among states to normalise ties with: Israel

News Desk

The Israeli Cabinet Minister, Ofir Akunis has said that Pakistan is not among the Muslim countries Israel is aiming to normalise relations with.

During an interview with Ynet TV on Wednesday, he said that there were two more countries lined up to normalise ties with Israel before United States (US) President Donald Trump leaves the White House next month.

Israel’s regional cooperation minister did not name either but said one was in the Gulf but would not be Saudi Arabia and the other, further to the east, is a Muslim country that is not small but is not Pakistan.

However, the Foreign Minister of Pakistan, Shah Mahmood Qureshi has eralier this week that Islamabad cannot and will not recognise Israel until the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is resolved.

Shah Mahmood Qureshi said that we will not and cannot establish a relationship with Israel until a concrete and permanent solution to the Palestine issue is found.

It is to be mentioned here that in recent months, the administration of the US President Donald Trump has brokered rapprochements between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco.