Pakistan’s govt finally bans dowry


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The government of Pakistan has banned dowry and become the first Muslim country to make it illegal for a man to take dowry.

According to media reports, the Minister of Religious Affairs of Pakistan, in the latest development, has decided to ban the tradition of Dowry, in which groom and his family asks for a dowry and then they put it on display. The details of gifts and dowry given to the bride to be entered into the Nikkah-Nama.

The allowed dowry will be just clothes (for the bride only) and bed sheets only, according to the new law. According to the bill presented, the maximum amount to be given to Bride as her Dowry according to Shariah will be no more than 4 Tola Gold. However, in case of Divorce, the Groom’s side has to return all the gifts and dowry to the girl.

Before this law, the Groom and their families used to request luxuries in dowry such as Furniture, Car, Sofa Set, etc. This law has been imposed all over Pakistan from Gilgit Baltistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Azad Kashmir, Punjab, Balochistan and Sindh. The government is now ensuring the full implementation of this law.

The step is praised by Pakistanis and Muslims all around the world as the bill will give ease to Bride’s side and make marriages easier for the parents.