PM directs to appoint facilitating officers in 39 federal divisions for overseas Pakistanis

Overseas Pakistanis Prime Minister

The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan has the concerned authorities to appoint facilitating officers in thirty-nine federal divisions to provide better services to overseas Pakistanis.

According to details, the Prime Minister Delivery Unit has said that the officers will not be below the rank of nineteen grade. The ministries have been directed to notify the appointment of facilitating officers.

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PM Imran Khan also directed to establish special sections and desks in thirty-four sub departments of thirteen ministries for facilitation of overseas Pakistanis. PM also directed the federal departments to share the information regarding this initiative with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Overseas Pakistanis, Human Resource Development and Information and Broadcasting for dissemination to Pakistani diaspora.

The Premier directed all the divisions to furnish report in twenty one days about the accomplishment of the assigned task. The initiative is aimed at addressing the problems faced by overseas Pakistanis in different offices.