PM underlines urgent need to accelerate action on biodiversity

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Pakistan is strongly committed to the protection and preservation of biodiversity, the Prime Minister Imran Khan has said.

According to media reports, the Prime Minister has expressed these views while addressing virtually the United Nations (UN) Summit on Biodiversity at Heads of State and Government level on Thursday. He also co-chaired the session.

The Premier underlined the urgent need to accelerate action on biodiversity for sustainable development.

Imran Khan has said that Pakistan is in the top 10 countries, most vulnerable to climate change hence the government has taken up the challenge of planting 10 Billion trees with the help of local communities, to preserve country’s valued biodiversity.

“We have also increased National Parks from 30 to 39 in two years, as part of our ‘Protected Areas Initiative’ launched during the Covid19 era,” he added.

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