PPP condemns increase in power tariff, demands withdrawal

Nawaz Sharif

The Secretary Information of Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians (PPPP) and Member of National Assembly, Shazia Atta Marri has said that Peoples Part strongly condemned the increase in the tariff of electricity by this puppet and selected government and demanded to withdraw this increase immediately.

According to details, Secretary Information PPPP has said in a statement on Thursday that this is a government which is totally insensitive to the people of Pakistan and their difficulties. She said that this puppet government is following the IMF policies.

Shazia Atta Marri further stated that this government is shameless which has increased the prices of medicine more than 600 percent and increased gas tariff 1100 percent in gas tariff in the last 2 and a half government. She said this amounts to stealing money from the pockets of poor Pakistanis.

“The PPP rejects the increase in power tariff,” she added.