Priyanka Chopra pre-Oscars event hosting: Nick Jonas feels proud


Priyanka Chopra hosted the second annual South Asian Excellence Pre-Oscars event in Los Angeles and her husband Nick Jonas has turned into her biggest supporter.

According to the details, Nick Jonas dropped stunning glimpses from the star-studded night with his wife Priyanka Chopra on Instagram and penned down a sweet note.

The WINGS crooner, 30, wrote “So proud of my incredible wife for putting this event on for the second year in a row to celebrate South Asian Excellence during Oscar’s week. Met so many amazing people and got to celebrate the remarkable South Asian nominees this year at Hollywood’s biggest night.”

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According to the reports, Priyanka Chopra co-hosted the South Asian Excellence Pre-Oscars Celebration with Anjula Acharia, on Thursday on the Paramount Studio lot invited South Asian industry change makers.

During an interview, the actress said, “I am so grateful that we have had the ability to not just return, but do it in such an amazing capacity and be hosted by Paramount Pictures. I mean, this is iconic. And to be able to look around me, and see my peers and colleagues that have hustled and pounded the pavement for years, and to be able to have them receive a moment that’s just theirs, makes me like, cry.”

The 95th Academy Awards ceremony will air live on March 12.

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Priyanka Chopra pre-Oscars event hosting
Priyanka Chopra pre-Oscars event hosting
All the pictures of the actress are taken from the Instagram.

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