Govt assigns NTDC, NEECA to install charging stations

NEECA Electric Vehicles and charging stations

Our Correspondent: The National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (NEECA) hosted a webinar on the Prospects and Challenges of Electric Vehicles in Pakistan on Wednesday.

According to the details, the webinar was intended to open the platform for EV associations, EV manufacturers and dealers, and concerned stakeholders, for generating the debate on EV-related interventions and Promotions.

Precisely, what should the policy entail, how the implementation of Electric Vehicles can be made feasible, and how the targeted beneficiaries can be enabled to incorporate EV awareness, which is ultimately influenced by Energy Efficiency and Conservation?

The webinar was followed by distinct speakers including Managing Director of NEECA Dr. Sardar Muhazzam, General Manager (Policy), Engineering Development Board Asim Ayyaz, Regional Manager Sales for ABB Charger Installer in Pakistan Haseeb Anwar, Pakistan Association for automotive parts and Accessories manufacturers Shaukat Qureshi

In his opening remarks, Dr. Sardar Muhazzam said that we have set a goal to achieve 3MTOE in all sectors including Power, Buildings, Industry, Agriculture, and Transport. Today’s session is a part of our endeavor to bring Energy Efficiency and Conservation to the transport sector. He further said that the government has worked enough in Electronic vehicles.

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MD NEECA further added that initially, National Transmission and Dispatch Company (NTDC) and National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority were assigned to install charging stations across Pakistan and that is why NEECA has the mandate to work on it.

Asim Ayaz highlighted that the government has a plan to convert 40 percent of cars into Electric Vehicles as the government has worked enough in this regard. He also said that the newly approved EV Policy will have positive impacts on the overall transport sector in Pakistan.

On the occasion, Shaukat Qureshi added that there is a need to also convert Busses, trucks, and other vehicles into Electric Vehicles in Pakistan. He further said that there is shallow awareness regarding EVs. People need to be made aware of EVs and their availability, then only people will adopt them and the market will also be generated.

Haseeb Anwar has said that EV culture should be promoted further. We want to install EV chargers in different areas of Pakistan.

“EV policy could be further improved and could effectively be executed through the Motorways,” he added.