Pakistan may overcome energy crises by educating women: NEECA

Our Correspondent: The Managing Director (MD) of the National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (NEECA), Dr. Sardar Muhazzam has said that educating women towards Energy Efficiency and Conservation can also enable Pakistan to overcome the current energy crises. 

According to details, he made these remarks during a webinar on the Role of Women in Upholding Energy Efficiency and Conservation Practices hosted by the National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority in collaboration with the Soul Sister Abbottabad chapter. The webinar was intended to open the platform for generating the debate on Energy Efficiency & Conservation related interventions at the household level, besides any area under focus where women intervene. Precisely, how women can lead energy efficiency practices at home and within society as the change makers. In addition, how the other members of their families, neighbors, and communities in general, can evolve as major contributors towards energy conservation needs for Pakistan.

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On the occasion, MD NEECA has said that women are around 51 percent of the total population and generally women are the most relevant consumers of energy in homes but we are so amazed after knowing from NEECA’s website statistics and Google analytics that women have zero interest in Energy Efficiency and Conservation.

He has said that women mainly decide energy consumption in a home for example which appliance to use and when to operate it. If we are successful in convincing women then it would have a great impact on Energy Efficiency and Conservation in Pakistan.

Dr. Muhazzam further stated that NEECA was established in 1985 and become an authority in 2016 so there was very less work done regarding Energy Efficiency and Conservation in previous years but now we are actively working from the recent one year.

“We have set our goal regarding Energy Efficiency for the upcoming 3-year so in order to achieve it, we are also working on our strategic plan,” he added.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Women in Energy, Engr. Senator Rukhsana Zuberi said on the occasion that we should look into the long-term benefit and educate women to know about Energy Efficient appliances because most women don’t have such knowledge.

Senator Rukhsana Zuberi has advised that a small step could lead to Energy Efficiency and Conservation like informing the women regarding Peak hours and convincing them not to use their appliances at that time.

“Social Media awareness is highly needed in this regard,” she added.

The Webinar was followed by Technical Advisor Climate Change Mehak Masood, and Head of the Energy Department (SDPI) Dr. Hina Aslam.

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