Resolution introduced in US House of Representatives to designate 23 March as Pakistan Day


A landmark resolution was introduced in the US House of Representatives by Congressman Jamaal Bowman recognizing 23 March 2023 as ‘‘Pakistan Day’’ to “honor and celebrate the important role played by the Pakistani-American community in strengthening and inspiring the people of the United States.”

According to the media reports, the resolution stated that it is proper and desirable for the United States to recognize and pay tribute to those who foster ethnic pride and enhance the profile of cultural diversity which strengthens the fabric of the communities of US.  It said, “Pakistan Day provides an excellent means by which all residents of the United States can learn more about the rich Pakistani heritage, while fostering an appreciation for the ancient culture among future generations,”

Meanwhile, Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States Masood Khan thanked Congressman Bowman for his initiative which he said would not only help further strengthening bilateral relations of the two countries but would also help bringing the people of the two countries closer to each other. He also thanked the leadership of American Pakistan Advocacy group, including its president and prominent community leader Ali Rashid and other officer-bearers, who had been working hard, maintaining a close liaison with the Congressman for introduction of the landmark resolution.

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Ambassador Masood Khan said that recognizing 23 March 2023 as “Pakistan Day” and acknowledging valuable contributions of Pak-American citizens reflects the importance of Pak-US ties and a desire to further strengthen these relations.  He also met Congressman Bowman in his chamber, who received him warmly and shared his views about the importance of the relationship and the critical role being played by Pakistani diaspora in various fields including education, medicine, science, technology, business and industry.

Meanwhile, talking to media outside Capitol Hill, Congressman Bowman said that it was a matter of an honor for him to have introduced the resolution.  He said: “It is incredibly important for us at this moment, as the United States government, to stand with the people of Pakistan who are dealing with a catastrophe that we have not seen in history. Ten million people still struggle to find access to clean water and energy. A third of the country destroyed. All of this because of what some would call a natural disaster but as we know is related to the issue of climate change,”

Later, in his message to the people of Pakistan Congressman Bowman greeted the nation on “Pakistan Day” and commencement of the month of Holy Ramadan and conveyed his message of Peace and love to the people of Pakistan. Let us continue to work together to bring our two countries together.”

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