Revolution can rise: Sheikh Rashid demands elections date before May 31


Former Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed has said that technical government can come, democracy can end, civil war can come, revolution can come.

In a statement on Thursday, Sheikh Rashid Ahmed has said that no one in this country is ready to recognize Shehbaz Sharif’s government, we demand that the date of elections be given before May 31.

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The former Interior Minister has said that we are fully prepared for Imran Khan’s call, this is a government of only two votes, this is a government of imperialist conspiracy. He said that they rallied against Imran Khan on the pretext of imperialism, we know who the father of the father is, we all know, we do not want civil war, we want justice and elections.

Sheikh Rashid has asked that the country will run like this? There is hatred among the people and there will be rebellion in the country, he added.