Sana Khan left showbiz for Islam

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The Indian actress Sana Khan has announced to quit the show business, citing religious reasons.

The actress made the announcement through her Instagram account. The Bigg Boss 6 contestant said that in her stint in the entertainment industry, she has received “all kinds of fame, honor and wealth” from her fans and that she is grateful to them but she has realized that she should not make wealth and fame her real purpose.

The Jai Ho actress said that from now on, she will serve humanity and follow the order of her Creator. She further said, “Isn’t it a part of his/her duty to spend his/her life in the service of those who are needy and helpless? Shouldn’t a person think that he/she could die at any moment? And what will happen to him after he/she is no more? I have been searching for answers to these two questions for a long period of time, especially the second question as to what will happen to me after my death?”

Sana Khan said when she searched for the answer to the question in her religion, she realized that life in the world is actually for the betterment of life after death. She said that it will be better if the slaves lives according to the command of his Creator and does not make wealth and fame his only goal.

She ended her lengthy message by requesting everybody not to question her about the entertainment industry and work related to it.