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Second-most followed TikToker Khaby Lame loses followers

The second most-followed star on TikTok with 115 million followers, Khaby Lame reportedly lost followers after sharing anti-racist messages on Instagram and TikTok.

According to media reports, the TikTok star has been making headlines for teasing Charli D’Amelio, who has 125.6 million, for the top spot.

This time, some angry followers decided to no longer support him after he shared an anti-racist message on his Instagram Stories which read: “Say no to racism”. However, this didn’t phase Khaby Lame as he hit back with another post which urged his fanbase to spread positivity in the world.

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The Senegalese-Italian star began, “I’m seeing a lot of comments where people say: I unfollow you because you did this video.”

“I don’t mind guys, we are almost in 2022 and people still use racism because they have nothing to do in their life. Be happy, follow your dream and save the planet,” he added.