Sher Afzal Khan claims PTI core committee traitors put his life in danger


Sher Afzal Khan Marwat – the PTI Core Committee Member and Spokesman for Legal Affairs – said that the traitors of Chairman PTI Imran Khan’s legal team and core committee have put my life in danger.

According to the details, Advocate Sher Afzal Khan Marwat made these remarks in a statement on social networking website X as he is underground since yesterday. He said that the presence of traitors in the core committee of PTI is beyond any doubt. He claimed that the traitors have passed on recordings of the core committee meetings to the opponents and even to media persons.

Imran Khan’s lawyer further stated that further stated in the tweet that the details and recordings of Zoom meetings of the legal team were shared with outsiders, and this act of traitors has put his life and liberty at risk. Shockingly, the Legal team`s Zoom meetings details/recordings have been shared with outsiders, which has put my life and liberty in serious jeopardy, he said.

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Advocate Marwat wrote, “I have gone underground for the first time, and I may be caught by the designated team anytime. I let the people at the party know and recorded voice messages about those chasing me. Yesterday, I went into hiding, and I am unsure if I am safe, but I have identified my chasers and sent their names to a group of lawyers for legal action in case I go missing. It is increasingly becoming difficult to trust people within the very close circles of the party. If I am allowed by the relevant persons in the party and if I survive the hunt, I will share the names of the traitors very soon.”

Meanwhile, the Central Leadership of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf took notice of the statement of Advocate Marwat and said in a statement that it has been decided to fully investigate the comments of Advocate Marwat. PTI party is going through the most critical period of political struggle.

The PTI Spokesperson stated that the core committee of the party is making decisions with the approval of Chairman Imran Khan. The legal team is trying to get justice for the leaders and workers. The lawyer should have expressed his views on party platforms, Sher Afzal’s views will be considered under the category of private views, the statement added.

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