Imaan Mazari and Ali Wazir sent on remand into police custody


Imaan Mazari, an attorney for human rights, and Ali Wazir, the leader of the Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM), were taken into arrest by police on Sunday after being charged with “interference in state affairs” by a local court in the federal capital.

According to the media reports, Imaan Mazari and Ali Wazir were both detained by the Islamabad police in separate incidents in the early hours of Sunday on suspicion of interfering with official business. The two have each been individually detained in a case under the Anti-Terrorism Act.

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Imaan and Wazir were presented before Duty Judicial Magistrate Ehtisham Alam Khan today (Sunday, August 20), while the police sought their physical remand. The court remanded Imaan to police custody for a day and Wazir for two days. In the meantime, Imaan’s attorney submitted a request for the return of her cell phone and other items that had been taken during her arrest. The court then requested a report on the situation from the Station House Officer (SHO) of the Tarnol Police.

The Duty Judicial Magistrate Ehtisham Alam Khan ordered Imaan to remain in the women’s police station’s custody in this case while remanding Wazir into police custody for a day in a terrorism case. It instructed the police to take the attorney to an anti-terrorist court tomorrow so that the court may make a decision regarding her physical detention in the terrorism case.

Imaan’s mother Shireen Mazari, a former PTI lawmaker, said to reporters at the Islamabad District Court that individuals in plainclothes confined their guard in the guardroom before entering the home. She continued by saying that her room was also searched and her phone was taken. Twenty or so people entered the home. She lamented, “I spotted six female police officers. The seasoned politician questioned why their door had been shattered in the course of the incident.