Shoaib Hashmi, renowned playwright, passes away after a prolonged illness


Shoaib Hashmi, a renowned playwright, passed away in Lahore after a prolonged illness.

According to the details, the news of Shoaib Hashmi’s death has been confirmed by his son and actor Adeel Hashmi.

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His wife Salima Hashmi said that her husband was bedridden for the last 15 years suffering from paralysis. He could neither speak nor walk by himself.

It is pertinent to mention here that Shoaib Hashmi was a well-known actor, intellectual, playwright, and professor associated with the Pakistan showbiz industry.

In the early days of television in Pakistan, Shoaib Hashmi’s programs were hugely popular, he was the creator of the popular TV programs Akarbakkar, Sach Gap, Tal Mutol, and Bau Train. He was also involved in teaching at Government College Lahore for many years.

According to Wikipedia, among his well-wishers was Arshad Mehmood, a Pakistani music composer, and actor who was a student of Hashimi in 1969. Arshad Mehmood commented about Hashmi in an interview with a major newspaper, “A man of few words, Hashmi was courteous, tolerant and compassionate. I often meet his friends and students and they all love him. He is basically an artist and a humanist. Poetry and music are his favorite topics of discussion.”

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