Showbiz celebrities also fast like common people in Ramadan: Bushra Ansari


The well-known senior artist of the Pakistani entertainment industry, Bushra Ansari has said that showbiz personalities also fast and pray like ordinary people in Ramadan.

According to the details, in the past few days, Bushra Ansari shared pictures of her grandchildren on her social media platform Instagram on which some users commented that she did not respect Ramadan or that she does not fast during Ramadan. Called them non-religious.

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However, while participating in a program, the Pakistani actress reacted to such comments. She said that our young artists not only observe fasting and prayers but also perform other daily affairs well.

Bushra further stated that during Ramadan 90% of the crew fasts and works harder than usual, the production house also supports this, and on the set, they organize sehr and iftar and we do religious duties along with work.