UN Chief, UNSC President strongly condemns Mastung blast


Mastung Blast: The Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres has condemned terrorist attacks in Mastung and Hangu and called for bringing the people responsible for those strikes to justice.

UN Chief’s Spokesperson Stephane Dujarric spoke at the regular briefing at UN Headquarters in New York and denounced the terrorist acts that claimed more than fifty lives. He asserted that the fact that these murders occurred during respectful religious rituals makes them much more horrible.

The barbaric and cowardly Mastung blast has been fiercely denounced by the UN Security Council in the meantime. This was mentioned in a news release given by Ferit Hoxha, the president of the Security Council. The Security Council members sent their condolences and sincere sympathies to Pakistan and the families of the victims. They also wished those who were injured a swift and complete recovery.

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The Security Council emphasized that one of the biggest risks to global peace and security is terrorism in all of its manifestations. The Security Council members stressed the importance of identifying and prosecuting those responsible for these abhorrent terrorist acts, including the perpetrators, planners, financiers, and sponsors.  They urged all States to effectively collaborate with the Government of Pakistan and all other pertinent authorities in this regard in accordance with their responsibilities under international law and pertinent Security Council resolutions.

The Security Council members reaffirmed that all acts of terrorism, regardless of their purpose, wherever they are perpetrated, whenever they occur, and by whoever, are unlawful and unjustified. They emphasized the necessity for all States to utilize all available methods to confront threats to international peace and security posed by terrorist activities in conformity with the United Nations Charter and other legal responsibilities.

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