Unicorn Robot – Earn $40 to $500 a month by renting a robot


The intelligent robot line Unicorn Robot is a creation of Thought Machine and the online banking platform HMBradley. Together with Thought Machine’s cloud-native technology and its payment processing platform (Vault Payments), as well as HMBradley’s extensive experience in the digital banking industry, this robot series is distinguished by its exceptional performance and inventiveness. In the realm of intelligent technology, it has emerged as a new leader and cutting-edge.

Core Product: Unicorn Digital Machine (UR)

The foundation of the Unicorn robot series is the Unicorn Digital Machine (UR), which is dependent on the company’s years of acquired banking data and its strategic partnership with HMBradley. UR executes automated trading methods on many digital currency platforms globally by employing sophisticated algorithms and mathematical models. This allows the company to achieve low purchase and high sell prices while profiting from market exchange rate differentials.

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Strategy design

Based on complex algorithms and mathematical models, unicorn robots design efficient trading strategies to maximize market opportunities.

Data acquisition

By monitoring market data in real time, unicorn digital machines obtain and analyze the latest digital currency exchange rates, maintaining sensitivity to market changes.

Transaction Execution

Make decisions and execute trades at the millisecond level to quickly capture market opportunities and achieve rapid buying and selling operations.

Risk Management

Equipped with a powerful risk management system, it monitors transactions in real time and conducts risk assessments to protect investment portfolios from potential significant losses.

Working Principle Of Intelligent Arbitrage Trading Robot

Our clever arbitrage trading robot uses effective tactics to maximize returns in the digital currency trading industry. Here is a thorough breakdown of its workflow:

1 Automatic monitoring

The robot searches for the finest arbitrage chances by constantly comparing and monitoring the prices of virtual currencies on different trading platforms.

2 Automatic purchase

The robot will automatically carry out the purchase transaction when it detects a chance for a lower quote, as at the Binance Exchange where USDT/TWD is quoted at 28.15, or Bitoro (quoted at 29.23).

3 Automatic transfer and sale

Following purchase, the robot will move USDT to a site with a higher price, like Bitopro (which is priced at 29.23), and sell it there.

The robot can profit 1.08 USDT per transaction with a profit margin of 0.38% by doing this set of actions. Use the formula (29.23-28.15) ÷ 28.15 = 0.38% to calculate.

Features of 24/7 high-frequency trading: The robot trades at high frequency, taking full advantage of market price swings. It runs around the clock. With the help of this technique, robots may consistently produce a steady income in a variety of market scenarios, giving investors significant returns.

Recommended Rewards as per the official website

Inviting friends to join the UR platform and become formal part-time employees will earn you a promotion commission of 10% of the friend’s first joining bonus.

For example

Inviting friends to become UR-0 level employees can earn a 1 USDT reward (10%).

Inviting friends to become UR-1 level employees will earn you a 6 USDT reward (10%).

Inviting friends to become UR-2 level employees can earn a reward of 18 USDT (10%).

Inviting friends to become UR-3 level employees can earn a 70 USDT reward (10%).

Inviting friends to become UR-4 level employees will earn you a reward of 210 USDT (10%).

Inviting friends to become UR-5 level employees will earn you a 420 USDT (10%) reward.

Inviting friends to become UR-6 level employees will earn a reward of 1750 USDT (10%).

Inviting friends to become UR-7 level employees will earn a reward of 3850 USDT (10%).

Unicorn Robot Earn for Free

Overview Of Team Revenue

Friends who register and start working through your link or QR code will form your team. You can earn additional commissions from the daily income of team members.

Commission structure

A-level teammates: For directly invited teammates, you can receive a 12% commission from their income.

B-level teammates: For teammates invited by A-level teammates, you can receive a 6% commission from their profits.

C-level teammates: For teammates invited by B-level teammates, you can receive a 3% commission from their income.

Unicorn Robot Earn for Free

Click on the link below to join and register at Unicorn Robot and earn $40 to $500 per month:


It is pertinent to mention here that the minimum withdrawal limit is $15. The users can withdraw their earnings to their Binance accounts with an ERC20 address.

Don’t pass up this chance! Encourage your friends to sign up for the Unicorn platform so you may explore this opportunity-rich environment. You can earn substantial referral bonuses in addition to assisting your friends in finding a new source of income through your recommendations. Together, let’s collaborate, celebrate victories, and expand the unicorn platform’s potential!

Disclaimer: Remember, this is not a financial investment advice. We are not affiliated with the UR website or any other platform. The article is for the general information. Always conduct your own research before investing.

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