Apple plans to launch iPhone 16 with a new camera button?


A new button centered around the camera is being tested by Apple with plans to launch it with the iPhone 16.

According to the media reports, it is located on the bottom right corner of the device, under the index finger when taking pictures and recording videos. It is said to be mechanical and to have extra capacitive functions. This combination makes touch and pressure-sensitive features possible, letting users apply mild pressure to focus on a subject and swipe to manipulate zoom.

This camera button has been the subject of rumors since at least September; MacRumors was the first to report on its creation. The Information says the button will be mechanical with incorporated capacitive parts, whereas MacRumors specified a capacitive button. According to these sources, the button is being tested in preparation for its possible integration into the ordinary and Pro editions of the iPhone 16. In his reports, Mark Gurman of Bloomberg also touched on the potential of this new camera button.

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Should the camera button materialize, it would be the second new button to be added to the iPhone in a row. The conventional mute switch on the left side of the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max was replaced with a new mechanical Action Button the previous year. Although the Action Button can be used for photography, its main function is as a universal shortcut that modifies the default ringer settings. According to MacRumors, there are also rumors that this year the Action Button may change to a capacitive version.

Although certain manufacturers of smartphones, like Sony with its Xperia line, have long incorporated separate camera buttons, this would be a noteworthy addition to one of the most well-known cell phones in the world. Reports state that in terms of worldwide smartphone shipments last year, Apple overtook Samsung. It’s important to remember, though, that even though Apple is testing this functionality right now, its intentions for the iPhone 16 series may alter before the launch in September. Prior rumors had indicated that capacitive buttons might eventually take the place of the iPhone’s mechanical volume and power buttons, but these plans were reportedly shelved because they didn’t live up to Apple’s quality requirements.

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