United States crosses 0.8 million Covid-19 deaths

United States Covid-19 deaths

The United States of America crossed 800,000 coronavirus deaths and this figure is greater than the entire population of several states, including North Dakota and Alaska.

According to media reports, the news has been revealed by the Johns Hopkins University on Tuesday.

The Johns Hopkins University further revealed that around 450,000 of the deaths occurred in 2021 in US, the country hardest hit by the Covid19 pandemic. The deaths occurred despite highly effective vaccines that were first authorized in December 2020 and widely available by springtime. However, the majority of the deaths have been among the unvaccinated.

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In a statement, the President of the United States Joe Biden has said that as we mark the tragic milestone of 800,000 American deaths due to Covid-19, we remember each person and the lives they lived, and we pray for the loved ones left behind. He said to heal, we must remember and we must also act.

“As we head into the winter and confront a new variant, we must resolve to keep fighting this virus together,” the President added.

The risk of dying from Covid-19 was 14 times higher among people who had not been fully vaccinated, compared to those who had, in September, the latest month analyzed, according to official data.