Uswa e Hasna is guiding light for all Muslims in this life and hereafter: President

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Hazrat Muhammad Khatam un Nabiyyeen Sallaah o Allaih Wassalam’s Uswa e Hasna (the life of our Prophet) is the guiding light for all the Muslims which can make us successful in this life and hereafter.

This has been stated by the President Dr Arif Alvi while addressing the Rahmatul lil Alameen Conference in Lahore on Monday.

“Islam is religion of peace and love for entire humanity,” he said, adding that Muslims cannot tolerate any desecration of our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Khatam un Nabiyyeen (SAWW).

Dr Arif Alvi further stated that the best morales and practices of Uswa e Hasna of Hazart Muhammad Khatam un Nabiyyeen (SAWW) guides us in every sphere of life including cleanliness which is the basis for Corona related precautions these days.

While talking about the Covid19, the President added that the second Corona wave is forcefully going on and the public should ensure implementation of all Corona related SOPs for their protection.