WhatsApp new features that will change the way you use the app


WhatsApp New Features: The world’s most widely used instant messaging platform, Meta-owned WhatsApp has introduced a wide array of exciting features in recent months. The platform is constantly adding user-friendly upgrades to enhance the service.

The new features of WhatsApp provide users with new and improved ways to connect and communicate with their loved ones. Here are some features introduced within the last year that will change the way people use the App:

Use one account on up to Four phones

Last month, Mark Zuckerberg from WhatsApp had an exciting announcement: the app now supports up to four phones logged in at the same time! This is a great step forward and makes it easier for users to access their account across multiple devices.

The multi-device feature is a great way to save time and energy when it comes to logging into multiple devices. It was initially only accessible through browsers, computers, or tablets, but now users can access this feature on phones too – further adding to its convenience.

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Password-protected chats

This week, Zuckerberg announced a fantastic new security update to WhatsApp which allows users to keep all of their chats secure and protected. By allowing them to be stored in a password-protected folder, no one else will be able to access these private conversations without the correct password. This is a great step forward in safeguarding user privacy.

Password-protected chat notifications are extremely secure and don’t show you any message content or sender information. This provides an additional layer of security to ensure your conversations stay private.

True Caller

True Caller is taking their caller identification service to the next level by rolling out compatibility with WhatsApp and other messaging apps. By doing this, users can accurately determine potential spam calls and protect themselves from scammers online. It’s an incredibly helpful service that we should all be grateful for. The feature will be rolled out globally later this month.

Animated emojis

The messaging app has come up with a revolutionary addition to its app – animated emojis! This new feature is sure to add more fun and excitement to users’ conversations, making it even easier for them to engage and communicate with each other. We appreciate the effort taken by the app developers in enhancing user experience.

Save disappearing messages

The app announced the ‘keep in chat’ feature, which enables users to preserve any important messages before they vanish. The receiver has the option of keeping these messages while also notifying the sender about this action. In the notification, the sender can veto the decision, thereby keeping control of the message with the sender itself.

The messages that have been ‘kept’ will then show up in a separate list called ‘Kept Messages’ which will appear in the chat info.

Exit group chats without notifying

This new addition to the app is incredibly helpful as it makes leaving groups much easier and less obtrusive. Before this, anyone who left a WhatsApp group was notified by all members of the group. After the privacy update, only the group admin will be notified of the departure, while the rest of the members remain unaware.

Control who can see you when you’re online

WhatsApp is a great way to connect with others, but now it’s even better because you can select who sees that you’re online. This offers a great level of privacy and control as users can choose not to let certain contacts know they are currently using the app.

Prevent screenshots on ‘view-once’ messages

WhatsApp’s new view-once feature is a great way to ensure that messages sent within the app remain private. Not only do these messages delete after being seen, but also they cannot be screenshots. This added level of security can give users peace of mind when sending sensitive information.