Worst violence on Judge Asim Hafeez housekeeper


A 14-year-old maid has been mysteriously injured in the house of Judge Asim Hafeez in Islamabad.

According to the media reports, the wife of civil judge Judge Asim Hafeez left the 14-year-old domestic worker in critical condition in Sargodha. The girl has 15 injury marks on her head and the wounds are infected with worms, according to the District Police Officer (DPO) Sargodha.

The parents of the girl parents have said that Judge’s wife has tortured their daughter. They said that they sent their daughter to work at Civil Judge Asim Hafeez’s house 7 months ago. The police detained the person who employed the girl. The condition of the maid who was subjected to violence became critical. She has been transferred from Sargodha to Lahore Hospital.

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In this regard, the Civil Judge said that the girl came to them in December 2022. She was not ready to go back home and she used to say that her mother would beat her. He said that the girl used to wear a scarf on her head and never complained about the head injury. When the girl was asked to leave the house, she hit the wall. I am against physical violence and torture has never happened before me, he added.

The Civil Judge further stated that the girl had eaten soil from a pot outside the house, due to which a scar formed on her face. She took advice from a doctor in Gujranwala 15 days ago that the girl had eaten soil and had a reaction.

The spokesperson of the Islamabad Police said that they have reviewed all the incidents, and so far no one has given us a request for action, as soon as the request is received we will start the action.

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