Zaheer Janjua underlines necessity of a conflict-free South Asia for a bright future


Zaheer Janjua, Pakistan’s High Commissioner to Canada, has emphasized the necessity of a conflict-free South Asia for a bright future.

According to the media reports, Zaheer Janjua expressed his views while talking to members of the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run team that visited the Pakistan High Commission in Ottawa while relaying a peace torch from its birthplace in New York to the World Parliament of Religions in Chicago.

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Pakistan’s High Commissioner to Canada welcomed the team and lauded the Peace Run initiative and the idea of using the peace torch and running from place to place to promote peace and foster unity and friendship among people of all faiths, cultures, and walks of life. He said Pakistan needs peace more than anyone else as it is situated in a region that has been ravaged by conflicts for a long time.

The High Commissioner particularly referred to the oppressed people of Kashmir who are in dire need of peace after having endured 76 years of occupation.

Earlier, the leader of the Peace Run team leader presented the peace torch to the High Commissioner of Pakistan to Canada who thanked the organizers of the Peace Run for letting the Pakistan High Commission be part of their peace efforts. Later, the High Commissioner holding the peace torch aloft in his hands, joined the runners and ran some distance with the Peace Run team to show support and solidarity for the cause of peace.