Afghan people suffers violence for 4 decades, PM assures utmost possible to help reduce violence and establish durable peace in Afghanistan

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After Afghanistan, Pakistan is the most interested country for the peace in Afghanistan and the entire region, the Prime Minister Imran Khan has said, assuring that Pakistan will do the utmost possible to help reduce violence and establish durable peace in Afghanistan.

According to media reports, the Prime Minister has made these remarks while addressing the joint press stakeout with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani after their talks in Kabul on Thursday.

Imran Khan said Pakistan has played its role in getting started first the Taliban’s talks with the Americans and then for intra-Afghan dialogue.

The Afghan people have suffered violence for four decades, he said, adding that the erstwhile FATA region of Pakistan was also devastated by the war on terror. He said the livelihood of the tribesmen was badly affected and the region faced damages worth billions of rupees.

“The peoples on both sides of the border want peace, trade and connectivity. This trade and connectivity between the two countries will increase in days to come,” the Premier added.

The President of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani has said on the occasion that he had very productive engagement with Prime Minister Imran Khan. He said a comprehensive political settlement for enduring peace within the framework of our values and our constitution is the future of Afghanistan.

“Violence is not the answer.”

Afghan President further stated that we can move forward and a comprehensive ceasefire can be reached. He said all of us need to understand.