PM wrong number, his cabinet 2 number, Sheikh Rasheed item number: Nafisa Shah

Atta ur Rehman

The Information Secretary of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and Member of National Assembly, Dr Nafisa Shah has said that the Prime Minister Imran Khan is a wrong number, his cabinet is 2 number (cheaters) and Railway Minister Sheikh Rasheed is an item number of this government.

According to details, the PPP Information Secretary has made these remarks while addressing a press conference at the PPP media office Islamabad with Nazir Dhoki and other local leaders of the PPP on Monday. She said that assets of the country are being destroyed one by one and now the Roosevelt Hotel in the United States is on the target of this incapable and selected government.

During the pess conference, Dr Nafisa Shah has said that this government has surrendered Kashmir. Before Kashmir the PTI government destroyed that national Carrier Pakistan International Airlines, Pakistan Steel Mills and several other institutions which were the assets of this country, she said.

“A minister whose degree has been questionable declared that degrees of over 260 pilots were fake thus destroying the entire Pakistan International Airlines (PIA),” she said, adding that the country had to bear a loss of billions of rupees from that one statement by the Aviation Minister. She demanded the Aviation Minister to resign.

Secretary Information PPP asked the government that is the Roosevelt Hotel in New York is being sold to a crony of the Prime Minister, Anil Musarrat? She said that how a hotel like Roosevelt which was making good money until recently has gone in loss. She said that this could be the biggest scandal of this selected government. She also said that another failed project of PTI government is BRT.

She strongly condemned the murder of renowned Islamic scholar Moulana  Adil Khan and rape and murder of a four years old girl in Peshawar. She said that the murder of religious scholar and increasing sectarianism is not only a failure of PTI government but it is also an international conspiracy.

Regarding the former President Asif Ali Zardari’s health, she said that he was shifted to a hospital yesterday in Karachi when he felt unwell but the results of his a few tests are encouraging and he is feeling better. She said that Asif Ali Zardari was dragged to courts despite his illness and did not miss hearing of court cases despite the fact that all the cases initiated against him are false and concocted.