Bushra Bibi gets bail in 190 million pounds scam case


The bail of Bushra Bibi – the wife of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan – has been approved by the Accountability Court of Islamabad till September 26 in the 190 million pounds scam case.

Latif Khosa, Bushra Bibi’s attorney, informed the court during the hearing that Bushra Bibi has a meeting with Chairman PTI in Attock Jail today at 2:00 p.m. She only has one day every week to see her husband, according to NAB. Additionally, Bushra Bibi received a summons notice today at 2:00 and has already arrived at the NAB office.

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Intizar Panjotha, the plaintiff’s attorney, asked the court to direct NAB to participate in the history. According to the NAB prosecutor, Bushra Bibi does not now need to be arrested in the Toshakhana case, hence the NAB does not need to be notified in advance of the summons. Latif Khosa, a lawyer, asked that the accountability court issue a directive stating that permission must first be acquired from the court before the NAB may make an arrest. The prosecution claimed that only at Bushra Bibi’s request did the NAB office provide today’s date.

Latif Khosa, the attorney for Bushra Bibi, stated that he was unaware of Bushra Bibi’s scheduled meeting with Chairman PTI today. The NAB prosecutor asserted that the Supreme Court has also decided that the time specified in the NAB summons notice cannot be altered.

The Accountability Court of Islamabad granted bail to Bushra Bibi till September 26 in the 190 million pounds scam case against a bond of one lakh rupees. After that, Bushra left Bibi Judicial Complex to appear in another case in District Kachhari.

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