Nadeem Afzal Chan terms joining PTI as stupidity


Nadeem Afzal Chan – the leader of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) – has termed joining PTI as stupidity.

According to the media reports, PPP Leader Nadeem Afzal Chan expressed his views while talking to a private news channel. He said that he started his political career from Pakistan Peoples Party and he has returned to this party.

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He claimed that by joining Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf, he had become a fool just like everyone else. He claimed that when he joined PTI in 2017, he believed that the country was being ruled by an elite and that a new way of thinking, making intents, and making promises had begun. But he soon discovered the party’s true nature, which is why he first resigned in 2019.

He stated that the PPP was his home and that after joining the PTI, he quickly recognized that he had made a mistake. He reasoned that he should return to his house after leaving PTI.

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