Cement price reaches highest level in country’s history


For the first time in the history of Pakistan, the price of cement has reached the highest level in the last two weeks.

According to details, the prices of sacks of cement has increased by 170 rupees in the last two weeks and this is happening for the first time in country’s history that making the house also becomes difficult.

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The price of a sack of cement has gone up to 880 rupees due to an increase of Rs 170 in last two weeks. The poor segment of the society is suffering because of the price hike.

Apart from cement, the prices of banaspati ghee have also gone up again and before Ramadan, the price of ghee has gone up by Rs 8 per kg. After the increase in the price of banaspati ghee, the price has gone up from Rs 444 to Rs 452. Ghee prices have risen by Rs 22 this month.