China approves world’s longest underwater high-speed rail tunnel

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The government of China has approved the first ever undersea high-speed rail tunnel in eastern Zhejiang Province. This 16.2km-long tunnel will be the world’s longest undersea tunnel for high-speed rail upon completion with a maximum depth of 78 meters and a diameter of 14 meters.

According to The Paper digital newspaper, the project will cost over $4 billion. The construction of the tunnel is expected to start this year and the overall project will take six to seven years to complete.

Jintang undersea tunnel will link the Jintang island of Zhoushan and the coastal area of Ningbo and these islands are very popular with tourists due to the developed hotel infrastructure and clean beaches.

After the completion of the tunnel, trains traveling at 250 km/h will be able to go from Ningbo to Zhoushan in just 30 minutes.

The geological exploration AI (artificial intelligence) management system which will be used during construction has functions of full monitoring of the drilling process, according to officials.