Court extends judicial remand of PTI Leader Ijaz Chaudhry


The judicial remand of Tehreek-e-Insaf leader (PTI) Ijaz Chaudhry has been extended by the anti-terrorism court in the May 9 case today (Saturday, August 12).

According to the media reports, the anti-terrorism court extended the judicial remand of PTI leader Ijaz Chaudhry by 14 days and ordered him to be produced again on August 26. He has 2 cases of burning vehicles on May 9.

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Meanwhile, the anti-terrorism court of Lahore also extended the judicial remand of all the accused, including the women, who were arrested in the case of the Jinnah House attack and arson in the anti-terrorism court of Lahore, for 14 days.

The anti-terrorism court of Lahore has ordered the accused to appear again on August 26.