FIFA World Cup: Morocco waves Palestinian flag after defeating Spain

Morocco waved Palestinian flag at the football ground after qualifying for the quarter-finals for the first time in the FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar.

According to the details, Morocco has qualified for the quarter-finals of the FIFA World Cup 2022 by defeating Spain after a thrilling encounter in the pre-quarterfinals of the event.

On this historic occasion, the Moroccan players did not forget their Palestinian brothers living under the oppression of the Israeli army and showed solidarity by waving the Palestinian flag on the football ground.

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Not only this, but the fans of the Morocco football team around the world also celebrated this historic victory of their team by waving Palestinian flag.

It should be noted that in the seventh pre-quarterfinal of the event played at the Education City Stadium in Doha, Morocco defeated Spain in a penalty shootout.

Morocco beat Spain 3-0 on penalty kicks to exit the event and advance to the quarter-finals.