German Ambassador assures pondering upon language and literature

Nawaz Sharif

The German Ambassador to Pakistan, Bernhard Schlagheck has assured beginning of pondering upon the significant matters and possible areas of cooperation such as signing of MoU, translation of literature on reciprocal basis and many other initiatives in the field of language and literature between Pakistan and Germany.

According to details, the German Ambassador has visited Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) on Thursday and also held a meeting with Chairman PAL Dr. Yousuf Khushk.

Ambassador Bernhard Schlagheck has also appreciated the efforts of Chairman PAL for the promotion of literary dialogue and collaboration between Pakistan and Germany.

The visit was organized to discuss the Mutual Translation and Publication of Classic/contemporary Works between Germany and Pakistan so that the ways of establishing strong relation between the writers of both the countries may be paved.

The gifts of books and other souvenir were presented by Chairman PAL to the honourable guest.

The representative also visited the Academy and got pleased to know about the translations of World Literature into Urdu and other Pakistani languages from the platform of PAL and other Future Plans of PAL.