NEECA geared up towards saving 3 million tons of oil: Sardar Mohazzam

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The Managing Director of National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (NEECA), Dr. Sardar Mohazzam said that NEECA is geared up towards saving 3 million tons of oil (MTOE), for this purpose NEECA has started off with institutionalization, and leading towards operationalization of energy efficiency framework.

According to details, he stated this while addressing a panel discussion conducted by NEECA on Energy Efficiency and Conservation in Pakistan. The discussion was aimed to empower academia, energy sector experts, and professionals from all major sectors of economy, with the knowledge of Energy Efficiency and Conservation and raise awareness while informing about how the citizens can play their role in making Pakistan Energy Efficient by switching to energy-efficient practices and introducing those in their social circle, homes, and daily life. 

The panel discussion was followed by distinct speakers, including Minister for Climate Change Zartaj Gul, Chairman NEPRA Tauseef H. Farooqi, OGRA Memeber Zain Ul Abedin and participants from various fields related to energy.

On the occasion, Dr. Sardar Mohazzam initiated the discussion and highlighted that the energy sector should be made gender inclusive, as well as lead by the youth. He said that the collective effort of the regulators, ministry and NEECA, can help to mobilize climate change mitigation.

MD NEECA further stated that currently Pakistan lacks energy efficiency standards, while NEECA is actively working towards the formalization of Minimum Energy performance standards (MEPS). In the given context, NEECA is already a partner with Ministry of Climate Change as a member of Mitigation Working Group.

The Climate Change Minister, Zartaj Gul emphasized that the people of Pakistan must acknowledge and support the initiatives taken up by the Prime Minister, towards sustainable environment, and thus energy is one of the major components for a sustainable future. She remarked that NEECA has got a strong reputation with regards to being a leading organization for deriving the change towards efficient use of energy, and the Ministry of Climate Change completely supports NEECA’s mandate.

Zartaj Gul added that the industrial states are the major responsible actors behind contribution of Greenhouse Gasses, while Pakistan is only bearing the brunt of it. Similarly, Pakistan has the privilege to be on the SDG goal 13 on Climate Change; even then, Prime Minister Imran Khan has a vision for a green and clean Pakistan.

In his remarks, Chairman NEPRA began his discussion with bringing up the idea of Clean and Green Pakistan. He suggested that efficiency and conservation should be started off with thinking green. The leadership of the country should be the major proponent of clean and green energy concept.

Tauseef Farooqi mentioned that the Prime minister has the aim to set up a major number of projects until 2025, adding up 20 thousand megawatts of energy. He informed that NEPRA has the mission toroll out the green energy initiatives throughout the country including all the four provinces. This will benefit in achieving Prime Minister’s goal of achieving energy sustainability in the long run.

Zain Ul Abedin explained that from the environmental perspective, the energy efficiency and conservation, especially through fuel efficient vehicles is our primary objective. He said that OGRA is thankful to NEECA for extending its support towards channeling the practice of energy efficiency and conservation.