Hajj and Coronavirus pandemic (Arsalan Hassan)

Hajj and Coronavirus pandemic (Arsalan Hassan)

(Arsalan Hassan) Hajj is an Islamic prayer and one of the five pillars Islam which is performed every year on the 9th of Dhul-Hijjah in which a large number of Muslims from all around the world took a part and appear before their God at Holy Kaaba.

Since the Coronavirus pandemic has spreaded all over the world since last year the number of pilgrimages is very low due the standard operating procedures of Covid19. This deadly pandemic has shaken the whole world including the super power countries and they have knelt before this deadly epidemic.

The most important pain for the Muslim Ummah is that this pandemic has affected the Hajj, because in last year a very few people only from Saudi Arabia were able and allowed to perform Hajj and this year as well.

Some people are also raising question on the decision of the Saudi government because many people around the world got vaccinated and the pandemic situation in Saudi Arabia is also good as compared to other countries like India.

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European countries also have some cases of Covid19 and on the other their vaccination drive is also on the way but still they allowed thier people in the ground in the recent football Euro cup final match between England and Italy. Ther was a huge amount of crowd during the finale.

Similarly, the United Kingdom also allowed crowd to watch the cricket series between Pakistan and England. There were more than seventeen thousand people watching the first T20 match between both the countries.

But the Saudi government and leadership were not able to arrange the Hajj for pilgrimages from other countries this year which is an important prayer for the Muslim Ummah and the most important business for Saudi Arabia.

This is an appeal to government of Saudi to take precautions and make a way for the Muslims around the world for the Hajj.

The column is written by Arsalan Hassan, who is studying Economics from University of Peshawar.