Overseas Pakistanis to protest in Paris today in solidarity with Imran Khan


The overseas Pakistanis and supporters of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf will held a protest demonstration in the French capital, Paris, on April 16 at 4 pm in solidarity with former Prime Minister Imran Khan.

According to media reports, theis has been stated by well known PTI leader Zahid Iqbal Hashmi while talking to media. He said that the protest rally will be held at the Republic of Paris.

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The PTI leader Zahid Iqbal Hashmi has said that the former Prime Minister Imran Khan is a preacher of peace in the world and we will fully support Imran Khan.

Zahid Iqbal further stated that the PTI Chairman Imran Khan is a great leader not only of Pakistan but also of the Islamic world. He said that Imran Khan fought the case of Kashmir and Islamophobia very bravely.