Journalist Imran Riaz Khan – More than 100 days with no trace


Journalist Imran Riaz Khan – one of the prominent media personalities of Pakistan – has gone missing for more than 100 days with no trace of his whereabouts.

According to the media reports, the lawyer of Journalist Imran Riaz Khan, Mian Ali Ashfaq spoke candidly about the efforts made to help him get better and secure his safe homecoming. He claimed that since Imran Riaz Khan’s disappearance, he has had no interactions or meetings with the man. Imran Riaz was initially expected to be freed by Eid-ul-Azha. Mian Ashfaq flatly denied having any touch with the missing journalist when asked about it.

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Imran Riaz’s attorney Mian Ashfaq claimed that none of them, along with the journalist’s mother, father, or wife, have spoken to or met with the man since he vanished. Imran Riaz received a call-up notice from the FIA on June 22 and was ordered to appear on June 26 despite the fact that they were aware he had vanished. He also addressed criticisms that he wasn’t doing enough to pursue the case and win Imran Riaz’s release. Adil Raja, a vocal military opponent who has a YouTube channel in London, made these accusations, claiming that Mian Ashaq was not honest in his efforts.

“Adil Raja has never engaged in litigation. He has accomplished nothing. Pointing fingers from 5,000 miles away is pretty simple,” he remarked.

It is pertinent to mention here that Imran Riaz Khan, an anchor whose whereabouts have been unknown since his detention on May 11, was brought before the Lahore High Court, which heard the case and granted the police until July 25 to find him. The court hasn’t convened any further hearings, though. The decision was made by LHC Chief Justice Muhammad Ameer Bhatti after he heard a request to locate the anchorperson, who was one of those detained following nationwide demonstrations following the arrest of PTI chairman Imran Khan.

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