People leaving Pakistan out of frustration, 7.5 lakh left: Imran Khan


The Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and former Prime Minister, Imran Khan has said that people are leaving Pakistan out of frustration, 7.5 lakh Pakistanis have left the country in 8 months, which is alarming.

According to the media reports, the PTI Chairman Imran Khan made these remarks while addressing the lawyers on a video link on Friday. He said that in the last 8 months, the supremacy of law has been flouted which has never happened in the past. The country cannot be prosperous until the rule of law and justice prevails in the country, he said.

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The former Prime Minister further stated that people have a misconception that you will become an economic tiger, the economic challenges that are being faced today, such a situation has never happened in the past, everyone’s corruption cases are being eliminated one after the other.

Imran Khan said that for the sake of the country, you will have to fulfill your responsibility, what is happening in front of you is that all the thieves have come up and sat down. He also struggled in his government to do this. He said that in Pakistan there is a rule of force not law, the rule of law can take the country out of the swamp, the rule of law provides equal opportunities to the citizens, there is no saint in the country, and everyone should obey the law.

“During our time there were record exports, and the farmer was prosperous, what has happened in seven months has spread despair in the country,” he added.

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