President, PM urge nation on ‘Iqbal Day’ to stand united and set aside differences

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The President Dr. Arif Alvi and the Prime Minister Imran Khan have urged the need to stand united, set aside differences and work commitment for the socio-economic uplift of the country.

According to media reports, the President and Prime Minister have made these remarks in their separate messages on 143rd birth anniversary of national poet Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal on Monday.

The Prime Minister emphasized on individual and collective responsibility in the building of the nation while exploring thoughts of Allama Iqbal. He said Allama Iqbal not only dreamt of Pakistan but also reflected upon the issues it would have to face after its creation.

Imran Khan has said that Iqbal’s vision is still a guiding force to overcome issues like sectarianism and extremism.

The Premier urged the nation to concentrate their energies on transforming Pakistan under the visions of its forefathers.

On the occasion, the President underscored the need of following Allama Iqbal’s teachings on Islam and his philosophy of “Khudi” that believed in the promotion of self-respect and human dignity, to make Pakistan a prosperous nation.

“Iqbal was a great benefactor of the Muslims of sub-continent, who envisioned the idea of a separate homeland for them and later his dream was translated into reality,” he added.