PTI Minar e Pakistan Jalsa: Nation will believe Imran Khan is a terrorist?


PTI Minar e Pakistan Jalsa: The Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and former Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that people came to Minar Pakistan in such large numbers despite all kinds of obstacles, today I will tell how to get the country out of this quagmire.

Addressing the PTI Minar e Pakistan Jalsa in Lahore on Saturday, the Chairman said that will the nation believe that Imran Khan is a terrorist, there is a case of murder, blasphemy and treason against me. Level playing field does not mean that Imran Khan’s hands should be tied, I have already got a century of cases against me, now I am going to one and a half hundred, I have 40 cases of terrorism against me.

Imran Khan said that real freedom will come when there is rule of law, Pakistan is not short of resources but there is no law, a country in which the rule of law is not ruled is doomed. He said that our government was overthrown under a conspiracy, criminals were imposed on our country under a conspiracy. A message should be sent to those who are in power today that containers cannot stop people’s passion, panic was spread to make the rally fail.

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The PTI Chairman further stated that he has seen outsiders standing up to oppression, and seen outsiders walking on command. He said that real freedom is found in a nation when there is justice, we did not get the freedom we should have got from the rule of law. Unfortunately for us, the Democrats didn’t let the law pass either. When the rule of law did not come, the law of the jungle has been here.

Addressing the Tehreek-e-Insaaf rally at Minar e Pakistan in Lahore, Chairman PTI said that the law of the jungle is here, 2,000 of our workers were picked up, PDM conducted 3 marches during our time. On May 25, when we marched, they broke into houses and took people away.

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