Reham Khan rejects her 3rd divorce news


Reham Khan – the former wife of the Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan and host – has given her reaction to the news of divorce for the third time.

According to the details, Reham Khan has shared a video with her husband Mirza Bilal in which she denied the news of their divorce. She said, “I should do 12 marriages and divorce 12 times. This is my problem. It should not mean anything to anyone. Here I would also like to say that the attention people are giving to my life is the same. The situation would have been different if he had given it to his married life, his career, his children, or his sister’s marriage.”

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The former host said sarcastically that the problem in this party is that they always talk about others. She pointed at her husband Mirza Bilal and said with a smile you people should focus on your goals because my husband is quite demanding so I cannot focus on such things at all. She ridiculed those who spread the news of her divorce and said I am sorry that your sleep was disturbed but I was sleeping very peacefully and both my phones were switched off.

Speaking during the video, Mirza Bilal smiled and said that those who had a bad sleep should sleep peacefully and those who were worried after hearing the news of our divorce, I will tell them not to worry. The problem is managed and we don’t need anyone’s help.

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