Sarwat Gilani blessed with a baby girl


Sarwat Gilani – one of the most versatile actresses in the Pakistani showbiz industry – and her husband Dr. Fahad Mirza have been blessed with a baby girl.

According to the details, Actress Sarwat Gilani has announced the birth of her daughter by sharing an Instagram story on the photo and video-sharing platform Instagram. Initially, she shared an Instagram story on her birthday on December 22 in which her loved one wished the actress a happy birthday and also mentioned seeing her daughter.

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But after the fashion magazine congratulated Dr. Fahad Mirza and Sarwat on their daughter’s birth, the actress first announced by reposting it on her Instagram story, then by posting it daily. Following the actress’s tweet, fans and other artists began congratulating her on the birth of a daughter; nevertheless, the actress chose to keep the kid’s name private.

It is important to keep in mind that before heading to the hospital to give birth, Sarwat shared a post on Instagram asking for prayers. 2014 saw the marriage of actress Sarwat and actor Fahad Mirza. His two sons, Rohan Mirza (born in 2015) and Ariz Mirza (born in 2017), predeceased him. After two sons, the newborn girl is their first daughter.