World Smile Day 2023 being observed around globe


World Smile Day 2023 is being celebrated around the globe including Pakistan today (Friday, October 6) as this day is celebrated every year on the first Friday of every October.

According to the media reports, the theme or catchphrase for World Smile Day 2023 is “Do an act of kindness – help one person smile”. However, as per some media reports, the theme for World Smile Day 2023 is “Radiate Joy.”

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People who lower their blood pressure—even those who start at normal levels—reduce their chance of stroke and heart attack, among other advantages of smiling. Your body experiences less stress and anxiety as a result of lowering the level of stress hormones. Higher immune system performance may also arise from a decrease in stress hormones. 

Among its many advantages, laughter can help you develop your abs. Your stomach muscles stretch and contract when you laugh, much like when you train your abs on purpose. The muscles you are not utilizing to laugh are then given a chance to unwind. 

Especially for people who are unable to engage in other forms of physical activity owing to injury or illness, laughing is a wonderful cardiac workout. It increases heart rate and burns about as many calories per hour as slow to moderate walking.   Having a good time can make you feel better overall. Doctors have discovered that individuals with an optimistic view of life typically outperform those with a more pessimistic outlook on life in terms of fighting disease.