After 3-year boycott Egypt resumes diplomatic ties with Qatar

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After three years boycott, Egypt has has formally agreed to resume diplomatic relations with Qatar.

Cairo has boycotted Qatar three years ago in partnership with Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) over allegations that Doha supported terrorism. However, Doha repeatedly denied the accusations.

Although Egypt, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and UAE have now ceased their boycott of Qatar. Egypt is the first to take the official step in an attempt to restart its relationship with Qatar.

“The Arab Republic of Egypt and the State of Qatar exchanged, today, January 20, 2021, two official memoranda, in virtue of which the two countries agreed to resume diplomatic relations,” according to a statement released by the Egyptian Foreign Ministry on Wednesday.

According to Russia Today, the relationship between Egypt and Qatar broke down after Cairo accused Doha of failing to cut ties with the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamist group outlawed in Egypt after then-president Mohamed Morsi and his party were overthrown and removed from power. In order to placate Cairo, Doha has pledged to not interfere in Egypt’s domestic affairs.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has announced plans to reopen its embassy in Doha last week, as it also seeks to reestablish diplomatic relations. However, it is not yet clear when or whether the UAE and Bahrain will follow suit.