Archer Bakhtawar Khalid Kayani ready to create history in IBSA World Games


Archer Bakhtawar Khalid Kayani is all set to make history in the IBSA World Games in Birmingham, Germany.

According to the media reports, Dr. Bakhtawar Khalid Kayani, a visually impaired 30-year-old female archer from Pakistan, will compete at the IBSA World Games in Birmingham on Thursday and is poised to create history. She said that she is the only woman archer from Pakistan as well as from the whole of Asia to compete in the archery discipline.

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The V-2 Pakistani archer expressed her pride at having the chance to represent her country in the renowned Games. Being able to represent my nation at such a high level is a dream come true. She declared that she would do her best to finish in a respectable place and that she had been working hard to prepare for the competition. I’m excited to demonstrate my abilities. I’ll make an effort to meet the demands.

It is pertinent to mention here that the 2023 World Games is the largest high-level international event for athletes with visual impairment. The games will feature over 1250 contestants from 70 different countries. Outside of the Paralympic Games, these events constitute the highlight of the world sporting calendar. They are held every four years. The sports during the 2023 World Games include archery, chess, cricket, blind football, partially sighted football, women’s football, goalball, judo, powerlifting, showdown, tenpin bowling, and tennis. Pakistan’s men’s blind cricket team is also scheduled to feature in the Games.

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