Bushra Bibi resists during arrest of Imran Khan: DIG Lahore Imran Kishor


Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Lahore Imran Kishor said that Bushra Bibi resisted the arrest of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan.

According to the media reports, DIG Lahore Imran Kishor disclosed the situation at the time of the arrest of Chairman PTI Imran Khan on the court order regarding Bushra Bibi. He said that we had to break the doors and go inside to arrest him.

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DIG Lahore Imran Kishor, who arrested Chairman PTI on the court order, further said that when we raided for arrest, there was resistance from Bushra Bibi while PTI Chairman’s wife also abused the policemen. He also said that during the police raid, mobile phones and other important things were seized.

DIG Imran Kishore further stated that used ashes and amulets were lying there in a bowl. He said that the police team was checking the bowl when Bushra Bibi tried to stop us and said that there are sacred things in the bowl, don’t ask about them.

Meanwhile, Bushra Bibi met her husband in Attock Jail today (Tuesday, August 15). The meeting of Bushra Bibi with Chairman PTI Imran Khan in Attock Jail lasted for two hours. She left for Islamabad from Attock after the meeting. She will reach the DIG office along with the legal team.

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