Decade of CPEC and Belt & Road Initiative-From Vision To Reality underway in Islamabad


Decade of CPEC and Belt & Road Initiative-From Vision To Reality – a two-day international conference – is under in Islamabad, to explore opportunities for enhanced cooperation, sustainable development, and inclusive growth in the subsequent phase of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

During the international conference on the Decade of CPEC and Belt & Road Initiative-From Vision To Reality, Chinese Charge Affaires to Pakistan Pang Chunxue said the CPEC has witnessed a continued expansion of cooperation between Pakistan and China. She said Gwadar has made tremendous progress under the CPEC. The port has achieved full operational capacity.

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The Chinese Charge Affaires said the new Gwadar International Airport, desalination plant, and Pakistan-China friendship hospital will be completed one after another this year. She said Gwadar is making steady progress toward the goal of a logistics hub and industrial base.

Pang Chunxue further stated that fourteen power projects under the CPEC have been put into commercial operation with a total installed capacity of eight thousand megawatts, which significantly resulted in addressing the issue of power shortages in Pakistan. She said infrastructure cooperation under the CPEC has also achieved great accomplishments.

“Industrial cooperation under this mega project is pivotal for the second phase of high-quality development. The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor framework agreement has been signed. We have set up a new joint working group on mining,” she said, adding that the construction of the first phase of the Rashakai Special Economic Zone has also been completed.