Iran Oil Smuggling: 90 Govt officials, 29 politicians involved, Report


Iran Oil Smuggling: More than 2.81 billion gallons of oil are being smuggled from Iran to Pakistan, costing Pakistan more than Rs60 billion annually. In this scheme, 29 politicians and 90 members of the administration are also complicit.

According to media reports, the Civil Intelligence Agency has filed its report to the Prime Minister’s House on the smuggling of dollars and oil, in which it is revealed that terrorists also use the earnings from oil smuggling. Up to 995 gas stations around the nation are selling Iranian oil that has been smuggled, claims a study from a civil intelligence agency.

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The investigation also disclosed that vehicles owned by Pakistan State Oil (PSO) are used to carry Iranian oil. Iranian cars are used to smuggle oil to Pakistan from Iran. Vehicles used to smuggle oil out of Iran are known as Zamyad. Furthermore, it is claimed that 76 vendors in the border region had a fascination with oil smuggling.

According to the research, Punjab has a maximum of 205 Hawala Hundi dealers. Pakistan as a whole has 722 currency dealers engaged in the “hawala hundi” sector. Hawala dealers run this business in Sindh (176) and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (183). Additionally, 104 merchants are employed in Balochistan. In Azad Kashmir, there are 37 hawala hundi dealers, while there are 17 dealers in Islamabad, the nation’s capital.

It is pertinent to mention here that a nationwide assault on people responsible for the massive hoarding of money, Iran Oil smuggling, and other commodities has been started by the interim federal government, province governments, and local governments.

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