Judge Humayun Dilawar expelled from University of Hull: Shayan Ali


The dedicated social worker of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) in the United Kingdom, Shayan Ali has claimed that Judge Humayun Dilawar has been expelled from the University of Hull.

According to the details, the PTI social worker made these remarks in a statement on the social networking website Twitter today (Monday, August 7). He said that Judge Humayun Dilawar has been expelled from the University of Hull after his entrance into the university.

In his tweet, Shayan Ali wrote, “Dilawar has been expelled from the University of Hull after the protest me and my team held. I promised you Pakistaniyo, I will never let you down!”

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“Just heard that after my grand welcome at the University of Hull, Dilawar has been expelled! Chor Hunter strikes again!” he added in another tweet.

Justice Humayun Dilawar, who sentenced Imran Khan 3 years in prison in the Toshakhana case, was invited to the Hull University Business School for a workshop. The PTI worker Shayan also reached the university for a protest against Justice Dilawar. He claimed that his team was attacked and threatened at the university. He filed a report against Dilawar and a professor of the University who attacked his team.

In a statement, the University of Hull stated that it has been providing human rights and rule of law training to Pakistani judges since 2014. Participants are chosen for the training by their respective High Courts. The current cohort was chosen by the Islamabad High Court, the Peshawar High Court, and the Pakistan Supreme Court. The University has no say in who the judges are.

It is pertinent to mention here that yesterday Shayan also waited for Justice Humayun Dilawar at the UK airport with protest bill boards.